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  7 decidedly unsexy things you wear that actually turn men on. Whether you work on wall street or at whataburger, your work clothes can be hot. This is usually the indicator that youre very attracted to him. Women that wear their guys t-shirt or sweatshirt also profess that they love to get a whiff of his lingering scent in the clothes. Plus, for some reason, over-sized and baggy shirts (usually without pants) are a turn on. Then, every time you remove an article of clothing, make him wait a whole minute before you remove another one. His passion will reach a frustrated peak right before you finally get rid of all your clothes and he gets what he really wants. If you can flaunt your skin through your clothes, it will turn him on right then. You might just see boy shorts as something that makes you feel comfortable, for men its an excuse to gaze at your legs. Put him in a chair, turn on some music and slowly and seductively dance around him while removing your clothing one piece at a time. Randomly touch him at different points using different body parts. Run your fingertips along his shoulders while youre behind him or let your legs lightly touch his when youre moving sexily in front of him.   this list of things ladies do that secretly turn men on will amaze you! It is definitely not about tall model figures on high heels, skimpy and sexy clothes who have applied various layers of makeup. Think youve got to slip on some skintight little number or flash some skin to win him over? Not true, were happy to report. We asked a few guys to describe what kind of outfit would turn them on. And if you purchase anything in store post a selfie wearing your purchase to any of our social media accounts with the hashtag zefinkaoutfits and you could win your cash back. Check out these 18 physical turn ons that turn a man from a respectable gentleman to a primate in heat in no time! 1 the lingering kiss. If you want a turn a guy on while saying goodbye to him, just try this. Give him a goodbye hug, and as you kiss his cheek, let your kiss linger just a second longer than normal. Do you want to turn on your man without even taking your clothes off? Do you want to know how? Does it mean that you have to wear revealing clothes to turn him on? Seriously, you dont have to do that. Contrary to the popular belief, guys do mind what you are wearing. Come to think of it, men think about sex every seven seconds.

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