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  we spoke to a few cruise ship employees about what its like to live and work on a floating hotel. Gavin says one of his fellow employees lived as an out-of-the-closet gay man while on board.   to keep themselves entertained, the cruise ship employees would tell silly white lies to get the passengers all riled up. But cruise-ship employees also have demanding and unconventional schedules that can lead them to work more hours than those with more traditional five-day, 40-hour-a-week schedules.   working on a cruise ship may seem like a dream job, but according to ex-employees there are plenty of downsides to the role. Fishman said the company has repatriated close to 15,000 of its 70,000 cruise ship employees, and plans to send home most employees by the end of may.   how much does a cruise ship employee make? Working on a cruise ship can be a great way to save money while youre traveling the world. Very few jobs well pay you a salary to travel and when they do its usually for a few days to a place that is not as exotic as cruise ships can take you. The beauty of working on a cruise ship is that your home is moving away with you. In rough seas, it can extend fins below the water line that act like wings on airplanes. Gyroscopes monitor for any swaying, and the fins make corrections so the ship is nearly unaffected in even the largest waves. I worked as a seasonal worker on a cruise ship, and it was super fun. Sex with guests and acid trips on the job life below decks on a cruise ship. Cruises may seem to run smoothly, but theyre a hotbed of orgies, drink and drugs, says one former staffer. Cruise ship worker opens up about sex on the high seas guests experience the sun-drenched high-life above decks on cruise ships, but theres a dark world of low pay, cramped rooms and rampant.   as cruise director, my primarily responsibility was seeing to the happiness of 6,322 passengers and 2,200-plus crew. Over the course of a week, i had my hands in every department, from ship.

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