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5 oral sex positions that make it easy for you to have an orgasm. What is oral sex? Oral sex involves using your mouth or tongue to stimulate your partners genitals or anus. Many people enjoy oral sex as part of their sex life but it is a very personal thing and not everybody likes it or chooses to do it. Different people like to give or receive oral sex in different ways.   oral sex is a great way to pleasure your partner without worrying about getting them off.   oral sex can be just as pleasurable if not more so than penetrative sex. Vulvas and penises come in all shapes and sizes, so try not to spend any time worrying. Experiment with different types of oral sex toys, like a suction vibrator or a sex toy that mimics tongue movement. For those with vulvas, there are typically two kinds of toys that mimic the. 5 oral sex positions that make it easy for you to have an orgasm 5 oral sex positions that make it easy for you to have an orgasm use these moves during foreplayor make them the main event. Many people have the erroneous notion that oral sex is completely safe because no one ever became pregnant through oral sex. But oral sex isnt entirely safe when it comes to sexually transmitted diseases (stds). With more people engaging in oral sex, more people are catching stds through oral sex.   whether the conversation is about oral sex or not, checking in with each other about your sex life is important to grow and build a relationship together. Moreover, it makes it far easier to broach the topic of oral sex when you have a history of open and honest sexual discussions. Scientists have now shown that the same high-risk strains of hpv that lead to cervical cancer can also be transmitted by oral sex and potentially cause head, neck, and throat cancer, as well. Burch, offered us some candid advice on how to step up our oral-sex game tenfold.

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