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Sometimes, the shrinkage is permanent, and other times, it is the result of a treatable condition or due to lifestyle habits. Penises are made up of three tubes, two of which are vascular and depend on blood flow to function and become erect. Over time, the penis loses collagen and elasticity as a result of more cells aging and dying off, like any other part of the body. All this affects blood flow throughout the body including to the penis, making erections smaller than they use. Many men worry about penis size, particularly if their penis appears to become smaller over time. The reality is that flaccid penis size may have little or nothing to do with erect penis size and, of course, penis size has absolutely nothing to do with masculinity. Nevertheless, its true that your penis may change length, usually for. Even normal-size men may suffer small-penis syndrome -- fear that their penis is too small -- and seek unproven penis-lengthening treatments. The length of your penis can decrease by up to an inch or so for various reasons. Usually, changes to penis size are smaller than an inch, however, and may be closer to 12 an inch or less. Im 29 an penis gets smaller when playin sports stresses or activicty or work feels unconfortable light pain in right bladder pelvic area been to two hospitals had. Hi, mavrick , penis do not get smaller ,but in some cases , when men gain weight the excessive skin can cover the penis ,and for this reason ,it could look smaller. Reply to alvaros post it seems some of my question did not translate over. Blood vessels in the penis are significantly smaller and start to narrow long before those in the heart or brain, says urologist dr darius paduch. The old adage is true its not what size you are, its how you use it. When i walk around, it feels like i dont even have a penis anymore.

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