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  the reason for refraining from sexual activity right before getting a psa test is that semen released during sex can cause psa levels to rise temporarily, which may influence or affect the test. You should avoid sexual activity before a psa test because it may affect the test results. What are psa tests? Prostate-specific antigen (psa) is a protein made by a mans prostate gland (a small gland in the pelvis between the penis and bladder). Psa tests are used to measure the level of psa in a mans blood.   q should a man avoid sex before a psa test for prostate cancer? I was told it can affect the resultsor is that a myth? A though studies dont all agree, several have shown that ejaculation can falsely increase psa levels somewhat, at least in men 50 and older (the age group most screened), thus misleadingly indicating increased cancer risk. It is important that men abstain from sexual activity for a period of at least 48 hours before having a psa test. Ejaculation can affect how much psa is present in the blood and lead to inaccurate test results.   when a man ejaculates during sexual activity, psa levels can be impacted, but only for up to 24 hours. The effect is minimal and would likely only change the persons psa level by under a point on the test (one nanogram per milliliter). Saigal says doctors advise patients taking the test to abstain from ejaculation for 24 hours and to retest.   additionally, having too much sex puts stress on the prostate gland causing irritation which will elevate psa levels. I recommend waiting 72 hours after sexual activity before having your psa test. Getting older most urologists will tell you that a rising psa is just a part of getting older. Did you know that nearly 30,000 men die each year from prostate cancer. The good news is that if men would obtain a digital rectal exam and a prostate specific antigen (psa) blood test, most of those death could be prevented. Studies show that frequent sexual activity or a recent ejaculation can cause a mild increase in psa. How this works is not fully understood, but high psa levels due to recent sexual activity are not a big deal. In these cases, psa levels usually return to normal in two to three days.   april 6, 2004 -- frequent ejaculation, whether it happens during sexual intercourse, masturbation, or a dream, isnt likely to increase mens risk of.

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