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Over 13 billion dollars worth of retail goods are stolen annually.   yet, in 2004, university of florida researchers found that middle-aged adults shoplift more than children the results showed that those between 35 and 54 shoplift more than any other age group. You might think that shoplifting is an indiscretion of youth, but only 25 of shoplifters are kids. A 2004 study by the university of florida concluded that middle-aged adults age 35-54 shoplift more than children!   shoplifting stealing statistics data number of people who currently shoplift in the u. 27,000,000 number of people who have been caught shoplifting within the past five years 10,000,000.   -- 66 percent of teen-age shoplifters say they hang out with others who also shoplift. What percentage of teens try drugs? In america, a study stated that 40 percent of teens have tried drugs. According to nasp, both men and women shoplift in approximately equal proportion. Among adult shoplifters, 55 say they started shoplifting in their teens. Some teens may shoplift on a dare made by a friend or may want to feel accepted by a group of friends that shoplift regularly. In some cases, teens may shoplift simply for attention from friends and family. This kind of behavior should not be reinforced and should be treated with understanding.   london percentage change of crime from a year earlier 201819, by offence group young victims of theft in england and wales 20122013, by location crime rate in london 2010-2020. Approximately 25 percent of shoplifters are kids, 75 percent are adults. 55 percent of adult shoplifters say they started shoplifting in their teens. Many shoplifters buy and steal merchandise in the same visit. Shoplifters commonly steal from 2 to 200 per incident depending upon the type of.

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