Who Is Against Legalizing Gay Marriages

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Slippery slopes arguments suggest that legalizing gay marriage will serve as a gateway for the legalization of marriage involving animals, siblings, children, or groups of people. People who present these scenarios portray a catastrophic future with society crumbling under the weight of rampant immorality and social discord.   the countrys views of same-sex marriage have transformed since 2004, when massachusetts became the first state to allow gay couples to wed. Lastly, on logos, it is logical to legalize gay marriages because the opponents and proponents will always have a backlash against each other, and thus, it seems logical that having prejudices against the homosexuals will only increase tensions.   the american family association published a list of 10 arguments against same-sex marriage in 2008. Ostensibly a summary of james dobsons marriage under fire, the arguments made a very loose case against same-sex marriage based almost entirely on slippery slopes and out-of-context quotations from the bible. If youve never seen this list before, your first reaction may be anger. The debate over the legalization of gay marriage in america is about more than just the status of gay couples. Either the civil law is defined by the needs and rights of citizens and gay marriage will be legalized, or civil laws will be placed under the dominion of religious laws and gay marriage will be banned. Manhattan supreme court justice doris ling-cohan ordered victor robles, the clerk of the city of new york, on february 4th to stop discriminating against people on the basis of sex in licensing marriages. The next day, mayor michael bloomberg vowed to appeal the court order, while for the first time announcing that he supports the right of gay couples to marry.   more independents who lean toward the democratic party (81) favor gay marriage than democrats (71). Similarly, republican leaners are more supportive (56) than republicans (37). Support for same-sex marriage now stands at 88 among self-described liberal democrats and democratic leaners and 64 among conservative and moderate democrats. Legalizing gay marriages a topic that is greatly debated in america is the issue of marriage between same sex couples. While three fourths of the country is supportive of gay rights, including housing, jobs, public accommodations, and government benefits, less than half of the country is for gay marriage. Against legalizing homosexual marriages the legalized marriage of individuals with the same gender is drawing more attention these days. When asked, most people want to avoid the subject of homosexuality altogether or they have a very strong opinion on it. By legalizing gay marriages, it would decrease the amount of children in foster homes, because same sex couples cannot procreate. Same sex marriages are not discriminated against when it comes to financial benefits.

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